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It took a while to have it up here but I could have an invitation from InpuUpUaut :iconinpuupuaut:. Thanks a lot man!…

If you have a diggit account, please, dig it!…

For any questions that you might have, fire ahead!
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That is right, I consider myself an "animator". I finished my three-year degree program and we celebrated it yesterday. The Open House was a blast, and I just loved it. I thank very much my teachers and classmates and all the Animation team at Algonquin College.

For those who don't know (which might be everyone because I never mentioned it), I teamed up with two very talented guys: Trent Correy and Collin Tsandilis, in order to produce a short animated film. We can't publish it right now because we want to tweak it some more. But we can call it "complete". So, stay tuned!

We were also featured in this blog o^_^o Check it out! --> canadiananimationresources.blo…

I'm going to hold a contest very soon with ElMafia :iconelmafia: now that I can paint. I'll also be open for comissions! I miss painting...

Thanks for reading and have a nice week!


Journal Entry: Wed Oct 15, 2008, 6:08 PM

Hi everyone,

Some people know about the problem with my laptop "fan". Well I really didn't know if it was the fan or what, I just knew it was an unbereable humming noise I could not stand at all and I ran out of headache pills. I googled about it and it seems to be a factory issue. Nice. This is a warning for you people: The HP Pavillion laptops are known for this issue, so don't buy them!! Get another brand or a Mac or a Linux. Mine is pretty new so what the heck? I sent it to the shop I bought it from and the technicians said I needed to send it back to the factory. So I'll be computerless for... 2-3 weeks, which seems an eternity for me!!! Total insanity! I almost cried when I handed it in, how attached am I to electronic devices? I handed in my life! T__T

* sob * Anyway, it's most likely I'll be spending most of my time at college, using Macs -ew- and working with something else rather than my precious Painter 7. Seeing the good side of it, I'll go to bed early, won't waste time in stupidities and will force myself to use newer versions of Painter and even Photoshop * shivers *

Leaving this topic, it is most likely I'll become a doll collector. I bought my first ABJD (come on, take a look at my gallery, doesn't it scream "MayYeo looks like the stereotypical ABJD lover?"). I just dream with painting their tiny faces o.o I can't sew a button for my life so it's most likely I'll have to buy the clothes (or ask my sister :icontenkula: to crochet some stuff for me ^^).  Ah, I bought a DOT Lahoo. Yah, not very original I know, but I love the mold! 9__9

So with the lack of laptop and the waiting for the new doll to arrive, I'm dying in anxiety * sigh * Sorry for the angst. Hope this will purge me and make me more productive at college.

My group animated short film
My blogspot

My wonderful and talented sisters!
:icontenkula: :heart: :icondarkiesoul:

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Journal Entry: Sun Aug 17, 2008, 8:20 PM

First off, I'd like to thank :iconguyra: for buying this subscription for me ^^ Thanks a bunch man!


I was thinking, not too hard, that I'm gonna do a kiriban for 200K hits. I'm pretty much out of ideas and I feel like giving a little something to someone. Except that little something won't be fanart nor a relative/friend's portrait.

Today's been one of those days when I don't wanna do anything. At all. Not even watching movies. It's so sad I just want the next day to come in a second.

I've been watching Metalocalypse for the last weeks, it's a really bad but really good animation show. It's bad because the animation is crappy (sometimes I even feel offended by watching some stuff that is the total opposite of what I learn at school), there's excess of gore and etc. However it's a metal band show and just because of that I love it. And I totally love the songs, they rock.

I'm gonna start classes in 2 weeks. But just before that, I'd love to attend to a Sonata Arctica/Nightwish concert in Montréal. Bad thing being I might go alone, because I don't know anyone who loves those bands that much and would be willing to go with me.

That's it for now. Have a good week!

My wonderful and talented sisters!
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Woa, I didn't think that last journal of d00m could get so many comments. It kind of let me know I was not alone in this. However, it was strange enough that the next day I published it, Version 6 of DA came o.o Making all of us happier :heart: (Gee, I can even see previews of deviations without being a subscriber T_T).

So I took some suggestions here and there and drunk valerian tea to get relaxed.

Now, I'm gonna talk about my life like I do every six months or so. Feel free to skip this. I got my first job in Canada. Which happens to be a summer job (yes, I plan on finishing my degree xD). I'm working at PIP Animation. It's a flash based animation studio. I had to be trained for 2 weeks to get the handle of it, or at least, animate the way they do it. Before I just did traditional animation and used Harmony as well. I got a job at Mercucy Filmworks in May. It lasted two weeks. Don't ask xD However I wanna come back, their current production is just mindblowing, the quality is... Wow, just wow. For being done with a 2D software, that's it (The latest version of Harmony).

More breaking news! My dad is coming tomorrow!!! It's so nice being with your relatives, at least once a year ;___; Can't wait for him to be here. Tho I think he'll get bored to hell. But he'll relax, that's for sure. Or get stressed because "nothing happens" (Compared to Venezuela, almost every other country is peaceful).

And last but not least, my birthday's on July 16th!. So if you're still reading this, and you remember tomorrow, drop me a message or something xD A quarter of a century! OMG, I feel old.

Anyway, have a good week everyone! Keep on doing what you love!

:snowflake: My wonderful and talented sisters!
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There's no single day that passes when I don't roll my eyes at what's on the front page, be it prints, most popular deviations or DDs. And then, when taking a closer look at those featured pictures, what do I find? Rabid fans with chronic blindness. I'm going to mention ElMafia's journal here, and I wonder the same question: "What's wrong with the art in DA?".

I wanted to talk (rant) about this issue that's been driving me nuts since not weeks, nor months... but years. It's a serious issue here in DA, and I found hope as recently I've noticed I'm not alone in this. The main thing here to cover, is a list of all those things DA (or, its users) made me hate with wrath through the time. Wether you are an artist who belongs to this list or a person who worships artists who belong to any of these categories, please, don't flame. I don't need that. However I feel safe enough as my friends in the community and artists I devwatch are most of them, exempt of being here. So, after days and days of feeding my hobbie (which consists of feeling hatred towards repitition), I come up with this list (no particular order, and I might forget something):

1. Naruto related art. Everything that belongs to this category is the cause of fanorgasm. I must mention that I've never watched nor even read a single book of the manga. And most likely, never will. Yet I hate it with passion. To the point I'd love to create a software that removes every Naruto related image/video/AMV from the internetz. I'd pay for it. Absolutely.

2. Bleach related art. Same as the above. With the difference I dared watching the first anime episode. And didn't find it amazing at all (thanks to DA mayhaps?).

3. Final Fantasy VII related art. Never played that game. Well yes, I tried. I won't start a debate wether this is a good game or not. I just don't want to see any more Cloud or Sephiroth ever in my life, thanks to the fans. The list of  anime I hate goes on but I won't talk more about specific series/games.

4. Cosplay in general. 'Nough said.

5. 'Artistic' nude photography. If there's a female crotch, the more favs it's more likely to have. I'm glad tho it's not like some  months ago, where every day you saw boobs on the front page (most of them belonging to DDs). I'm glad the mods opened their eyes. Some.

6. Furries and anthro (seriously, what's the difference?). I never cared less about furries. Really. Until I came to DA. Now I hate  them with a passion beyond limits, to the point that it's not considred art by me. No matter how skillful you are drawing fur, or how skilled the artist is in general. I just plain dislike it. Please, just draw normal animals with real anatomy instead.

7. 'Big eyed cliched kawaii anime characters'. I recon anime was my starting point. When I was like... 15 or something, I started to love more drawing thanks to this cool beat 'em up game called "Rival Schools" for Playstation. Like the nerd that I was, I recorded the video scenes with my VHS and then paused it, to draw from the stills. And that was my beginning into the anime world. It was my huge step into the illustration thing. And then I became interested into this manga and anime world. I bought magazines, read articles, etc. I just plain loved it. But it's been 10 years after that, and I've grown up. I don't mean Anime sucks now. I mean that BAD anime sucks. I love classics like Ghibil movies, Bloodhunter D, Tokyo Godfathers and so on. They have style, they're good. But now all these cliché series with big eyed cute girls don't stop. They're just everywhere, the more cliché the better. The more unvelievable the hairstyle, the better. I could keep on going. My point is, this is art for preteens, not for grownups. Or maybe for grownups with bad taste. We burn stages in life, that's one of them.

8. Batlantly photomanipulated photos (and artists claiming it's painted from scratch). I can't stress this enough. I would mention several 'artists' here and in other communities, but I won't. I just can't stand cheaters. I mean, there's nothing wrong with photomanipulation per se, but saying "This took 2 hours. No ref" it's just a slap in everyone's face. I could start a debate here, but that's not the point. The point is, if you don't want them to know your technique, then don't lie about it. Just don't mention it.

9. Last but not least, photomanipulations of faeries/goddesses/magical women wearing night gowns or wonderful dresses being in a forest/landscape/seashore. They're everywhere. If they have wings or magic, the better. You've seen them. And you get tired of them. Well, me at least. It's just... I can't stand it anymore. There must be a point where enough is enough.

:iconelmafia: wanted to add a couple more:

10. When it comes to the rules about drawing something to do with sex, it's not allowed. How come then it's allowed to shoot nearly pornography like photos? AND. How come on of dA's most famous (infamous?) drawers are allowed to draw porn with preteen girls? If a new member did this, the bamhammer would be there faster than you can write "porn".

11. And.
People are of course allowed to dispose their camera as they please. And of course a self potrait is fine every now and then. But shooting only yourself in a truely emo position with some of mom's makeup doesn't make you a photographer, nor gives you gallery much variation. And still people fav this like blind idiots, can't they see that it's just for them to pick up their beloved Sony Digital Camera and walk into the toilet, put on their most emotional face while splashing some water in their face - and voila. They just discovered the seecret technique.

Don't flame me if you don't agree with me. I don't need that. Nothing will change my opinion regarding this. I'm sorry. I'm living
in a free country and I think I'm right to express myself freely. It not... Well, DA will speak for itself.

I'm sorry for this whole rant, hope you understand that it feels better getting it out.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Peace! :peace:
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First off, I wanted to thank all the people who answered in my preview journal! I was glad I was not the only one and you guys care for me ;_; I'm sorry for not replying every comment but pretty much everyone agreed with the same conditions.

So from now on I'll change my conditions ^^

Now that  classes started I'm feeling busy again, spending lots of time at  college. It's fun tho (except layouts, I HAAAATE layouts with passion -but I still have to do them-). My fav subjects are Life Drawing and Animation =). Or character design when we have to draw something else than layouts >>

How many of you are enrolled in art classes? A year and a half ago it was impossible for me to think that someone could mark your drawings! And now I see it's a serious matter. I'm studying a career and I'm having fun with it! I feel really lucky. Nothing compared to those depressing computer engineering years.

Anyway, wanted to update the journal again, as I didn't want people to see me as a raging girl with no brain (cuz I had to have no brain to let people do that to me). Maybe I was too naive. But it's over!

Now, I need money like everyone else, so as I'm tired of people asking me for prices and then declining the offer when I answer back, here's a list! So now when you ask me you know you'll be serious about it!

:snowflake: LIST OF PRICES! :snowflake:

:snowflake: One single character, full body, no crosshatching, simple BG ~ around 40$. Moar characters, complex BG, ask o.o
:snowflake: One single character, waist/chest up, crosshatching of d00m, simple BG ~ 75$. Moar characters, ask.

I always work with 300 dpi and enough pixels to make you sure you can print out in big size! (up to 60 x 100cm. Do not like inches system)

I'm usually slow due to school projects I have to do, but if you're in a hurry tell me to move my lazy ass.

That's it!

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First off, Happy New Year eveyrone!

It was about time I changed this journal! I just don't like updating my journal 'cuz my life is that boring and nobody should care about, rite? Rite.

But this time is different. This is a ranting journal. Beware! You could close this window and keep on browsing through DA or keep on reading about my "drama". Don't worry, no 3m0 stuff here.

I'm just beginning to think that I have a bad karma. It's really bad because I'm really thinking that what my mom told me years ago was true: "I'll become a starving artist" Among my friends is well known how many people who comission me do not pay me. Not even a buck. Ever. They just get their friggin' artwork completely done in high rez quality and such, and then fade away from the face of the Earth -just like thieves do-.

I DO know that artists get paid for their works. I know several people who work making art, and get paid for it! Excellent! That's just amazing to me!!! Why the heck then it doesn't happen to me?! I'm posting a journal because this time is not only an individual, but a company who has fallen into this black list. People, I'm not even gonna get food with that, I just wanna save some extra bucks like normal people do! If you promised me you paid me for an artwork, please do so! Before I thought the percentage was 50%, more or less. But lately I started remembering, and remembering, and I'm getting to the sad conclusion that this number is really higher. So why do I have this karma?

I'm seriosly thinking of getting a sales representative or something, because the issue is getting out of my hands. This is the main reason why I clossed comissions for almost one year. And it seems I will close them again.

People who had paid me, this is not with you, and you know it. I really love you for keeping up to your promise.

So yeah, I'm really starting to get fed up of doing work for free. It's really annoying. And the worst is that most of that people are from America. Yah. I'm sorry to say it, but I always though Americans were more civilzed than South Americans. So if you feel offended, prove me otherwise.

That's it, off to classes.

Have a good day.

- May
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It's been a long while since I've updated this journal xD
Anyway, I don't feel like writting down but I will do it 'cuz :iconelectrosveis: calls me lazy ass xD

So well, it happened that sweet and lovely :iconelectrosveis: visited me from Norway! So far away! She came here on July 4th and stayed over a month! W00t! It was so different from the chatting on MSN! You can realize how different people are in real life, it's amazing. She was nicer than I actually thought xD

We spent time watching movies (on the laptop 'cuz I dun even have TV >> ), sketching like mad and role playing with our characters with real pen and paper xD isn't it lovely?

She could notice the differences between each country, just like I did when I came for first time. Canada is such a coosy country. I so wanna stay here <3

Oh, and she brought a troll and a wiking to put on my table xD

What else? Oh yeah, I've been in strong procastination so... Not many paintings. Just doodles and sketches from me o.o I might move my lazy ass and paint seriously again.

Hope everyone's doing fine, enjoy the summer! (Yes, sun!!!)

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:snowflake: Well, as I f*cked my laptop and I got nothing else to do at the college computer lab, I'm writting a sh*tty journal >: D

My brand new laptop didn't have a healthy life with me, hope the warranty works in this country >> Or whatever

How I miss my clons (computers assembled with pieces from different brands).

BTW, how are you doing? I'm doing fine, drawing like crazy (traditional way). I discovered that not only anime or realistic are fun ways of spending your time (in fact, teachers "despise" anime stuff). I realize now that I was never mistaken: I was born to become an animator. I don't mean a "good" one, but at least I enjoy what I do. Hopefully next semester I'll take the digital path (using Maya).

Lalalalalala (filling space).

I'm frustrated.

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Hey! If you live in Ottawa, let me know! We can see each other, I almost know how to use the OC Transpo xD

:snowflake: Hi guys! Long time no write anything neh! If you want to know what's going on with me, I'm lazy and I give you this link:

My Blogger

So, how the new year welcomed you? Which are your resolutions for this year?
Mine are:

1. Checking DA at least once per day (I even cleaned up my deviations, I had like 5K deviations to look at, and with no suscription is like a pain xD)
2. Making excercises (someday I'll join the fitness centre) and sleeping less! OMG! I live like a walrus! I'm so ashamed ;_;
3. Also, I wish to improve my art =) (who doesn't)
4. And try to make more friends ^^U
5. And.... ! Find a part time job (a legal one xD)
6. And....... ! I forgot.... Oh yes, make a new webpage
7. Oh, and start the old art I owe to people =_= (shame on me)

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I'm going abroad!! (Finally)

Mon Aug 21, 2006, 10:27 AM

Oh man, oh man!

I always was thinking what to write in here and now all the words have gone from my mind, haha!
After several months of gathering all the requirements (translated grades and graduation title, VISA, and stuff) finally I'll go study Digital Animation in Ottawa, Canada =) Why? From all the options and all my web searches, I thought that was the option for me. It will be a three years degree ^^

I'm really nervous, it's the first time I'll go abroad alone, and for such a long period of time! Thanks God I knew a kind woman who has helped me a lot, her name is Louise =)

Animation was my childhood's dream. While watching Disney movies I always wanted to be one of the staff animators. I want it now still, but not traditional. This time is for the digital way xD

So, if some of you were wondering where the hell I was, well. I was working as an editor in a local TV station, just for not be lurking at home and also I had some extra cash =) It was a nice experience as I knew some things about how broadcasting works.

I know art will come to me again, as I haven't drawn some serious things in months, and also I even thought my art was degrading itself. But not again, it won't happen again! :heart:

I'm really happy and I want to let it know everyone on the DA community.

A mis panitas por apoyarme, to the friends I did here (I haven't forgotten you, I'm just lost o.O), thanks a lot!

Mad DarkWarlock did an stamp so I guess I have to use it

I love Bishies by DarkWarlock

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Hi kids! ; )

Me again. For those who were wondering about me and why I was lost, well I'll talk.

:snowflake: First of all, I want to thank all those marveolous people who sent me something (real things, not just emails : P). It makes me really, really happy to receive realt stuff T__T.

:iconmori-memento: , thanks for the beautiful illustrations and photos TT Made me so happy!! I dunno how to thank you! (Well, sending something to you too : P). I have your postcard illustrations on my table =).

:iconeyodius: , I laughed so much when I saw your V-card, it was so damn great! You have - a morbid -  imagination ; ) . Thanks a lot :heart: Really.

Kimberly, well thanks for paying that comission with mangas xD Mangas make me happy even more than animé. ^^U I read all Fake and Full Moon in a week, hohoho.

Another thing I received was a copy of Painter book, kekeke. My mom shows it to whoever comes to home... You can say she's proud ^^Uuu...

:snowflake: OK secondly, for those who wonder what am I going to do with my life and studies abroad and such, I decided to go to study Digital Animation to Canada, on September. I'm still getting my high school grades oficially translated, so I guess the application form will be send around a month. I'm thinking of Nova Scotia Community College, in Truro Campus, Nova Scotia. Also I'll aply for Durham College, who knows.
I need to enter a portfolio. If some of you have experience making portfolios for animation, would you mind to share some suggestions? This is odd for me, universities in here usually dun ask for portfolios.
In the meanwhile I'll think about opening comissions (I'm trying to get serious about it). And my dad opened an account on an international bank too, so I guess payment will be easier than before.

:snowflake: I was tagged by :iconmori-memento: I need to write down some weird habits/things about myself.

:bulletblue: 1.- I like to eat sweets. I think I'm kinda obsessed with sweets, every kind. Even the ones you may dislike, even if they were cooked by the worst cook ever... and those who know me very well, know that I have an obsession for donuts. If I see one I have to buy it. You know, this fatty figure doesn't maintain by itself!! D:

:bulletblue: 2.- I dunno if this is an habbit, but I tend to forget like 95% of what I read/hear. You may think I'm the distracted type. And that's true. So if you want me to remember something, you have to tell it to me everytime, and be a really bother. It works.

:bulletblue: 3.- Everyone knows it, but I'm obsessed too with longhaired men. Even when I play I create myself as male with long hair. Example: gaiaionline, mapleStory, Ragnarok. I MUST be a male with longhair. And my bf must be that way too D:

:bulletblue:: 4.- I have a girlfriend * giggles * A real one. But she lives far-far away. ^^ She lives in Norway and her name's Ingvild-kun. Someday I'll travel where she is and meet her :heart:

:bulletblue: 5.- My real name is Mayrhosby Yeoshen. My name is unique in the world. No other girl has it. I have an hipothesis: My parents were drunk while playing Scrabble. As for the lastname, it  comes from my grandpa. He was from Canton, and his real name was somewhat Yeo Cheng Bong Yu or something like that, but when he came to Venezuela his name was changed drastically to German Yeoshen. It was very common to change the name to asian inmigrants in that time. Never knew why. So I guess my family's the only one in the world with that lastname too.

:bulletblue: 6.- I sung karaoke... Once. In front of lot of people in an anime convention. I did it so bad that even my friends ignored me after the performance. Really bad. I dun have voice for singing. OK that was really random.

Well now I tag:

:iconreiq: :iconelectrosveis: :iconkombuchamushroom: :icondarkqueen: :iconeyodius: :icondarkiesoul:

:snowflake: Some random friends you should visit!
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Hi people!

I was going to write some "I returned and what's going on" stuff but instead, I'll write down something that happened to me today.

The pic I submitted yesterday, Chantrea I tried to submit it too in CGSociety forums. For those who doesn't know, your image need to be aproved first in order to be posted into the forums. So well, I got an email saying this:

"Your submission has been declined for the following reason(s):
Hi there, :) CGTalk does not accept work into the Gallery that is a paintover of a photograph. Thank you for supplying your photo reference, and we hope that you will submit original (freehand drawn) work in the future".

So being said that, I'm naturally very, very upset. I do have to admit, I did trace the girl I used for reference, but just the lines, because drawing her from scratch (keeping the proportions) would take me hours and tracing took me minutes. But the painting itself, was done from scratch, just so you know. But not all the time, I trace people. I just do it in order to reduce time.

If some of you may have doubts, I have the steps in HERE

OK I know I had to save the very earlier stages. But sometimes I get so excited when I begin that I dun save the early steps. But if you want some more prove, have a look at

this and

For showing more examples, in the case there are some more skeptics in here. The reason why I dun show the steps it's because when I'm beginning, the picture tends to be that ugly that I usually want to erase it from my mind :P As you noticed.

Well sorry for my rant. I should apologize for not writting a "what's happening with me" journal or why I became a lurker. But things happen so... I must clear my name. That's it.

Have a nice day, and I hope you had a good Holy Week.


PS: Soon I'll post a real journal. Just let me rant a little.

Hi people!

Fri Jan 6, 2006, 8:26 AM

Lalala, Happy Belated New Year! :w00t:
I needed to update the preview journal ^^U Sorry for being a lurker and not commenting, but DA has became a time sucker for me o.O

First of all I want to thank :icongorjuss: for giving me a suscription! (Yes that was two months ago ^^U). Thanks very much darling! Don't forget to visit her gallery!

Another great new is that I have a personal website! Thanks a lot to :iconwolflingsilverpaws: for the hosting and domain T____T That was a wonderful gift. The URL is ^^

How have you received the new year? I received it well, with good luck and spirit to do great things. Next Monday I have to start to get my passport done (after two months trying with the <a>Onidex page -__-) .
If you're wondering about "where will I go", I decided to get help from the British Council and I'll do my best to study in UK. I'll begin to do all the procedure this month. After seeing some careers (illustration, fine arts, animation, computing for video games) I decided that the best for me is Animation as it's my childhood's dream. I would really like to become an Animator ^^

Thanks a lot to everyone who answered to the previous journal with advices, you're the best!

Mad DarkWarlock did an stamp so I guess I have to use it

I love Bishies by DarkWarlock

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Exhibition Results + Help + Tagged

Wed Nov 2, 2005, 9:20 AM

Nya, hello people, I was kinda lost... I just didn't want to update my journal :P I just saw I will have no suscription in two days, so I wanted to write something down ^^;
Again, thanks to :iconsaiyuri: for this great gift, and for everything else done to me T__T


About the gallery exhibition I had, I have to say it was great :) . I had a good time, there were lot of people I didn't know, hehe. And nobody doubted those paintings weren't photomanipulations >_> . I had a small radio interview and all. I even sold some prints xD . The bad thing is that I didn't took shots. Just a cousin of mine and my sister's boyfriend but they haven't sent me a thing. I promise to show a photo when I'll have one <_<
An exhibition is always good for your curriculum vitae :D


I was talking with several friends that there's a thing I would discuss in DA, because there is lot of people from lot of countries.
Suddenly my parents tell me to leave the country . Yep. To make a life in another place. Even if I don't finish the degree (oh, that would be so damn good). If I don't find a place nor a school (to study arts) soon, my dad will buy me an apartment here and I'll have to be here... And I don't want to let that happen 0.0
I was thinking going to California, where an old friend of mine could lend me a hand. And I was planning to study in the Arts Institute of California.
But if anyone else can recommend me another oportunities, please, don't doubt it and tell me!! I don't have relatives abroad and that's why it's kinda "not easy" to leave.
So well, this is serious. And I find it great *___*


Uhm well, I was tagged by :icondarkwarlock: (BTW, congratulations xD) so I guess I have to write down 20 random things about me :XD:

1.- I :heart: sweets. Any kind of sweets. Even those you don't like. And a donut after lunch is the heaven *__* :donut:
2.- My ultimate goal in life is to have a lovely art related job and a lovely long-haired husband *___* (and few kids).
3.- My zodiac sign is Cancer and in chinese zodiac I'm pig.
4.- I've seen "Computer Arquitecture" subject so many times that I'm ashamed (f*cking assembly >.< )
5.- I think my productivity rate now is low. I think something like one picture per month? That's too bad.
6.- I draw A LOT during classes (I think that's why I get bad grades X_X).
7.- I love my family to death. Really. I don't want to think what will happen if I'll be far away from them.
8.- When being a child I said "when I'll be bigger I want to be Scientific or Artist" x_X
9.- I want to create a manga with my preciousss characters ^^
10.- You don't have idea how shy/acid/quiet I can be.
11.- I wish Chavez would be suffering in a (venezuelan) jail, to die slowly.
12.- In the very bottom of my heart, I love and need DarkWarlock
13.- DA has changed my life. Definitively.
14.- I've met wonderful friends here in DA. They're so wonderful they don't know how much. I even have a lovely girlfriend :heart:
15.- I wish I could be in Japan at least one day.
16.- When being a kid, I only drew in Disney's style. And only women, because I thought men were damn hard and the few ones I did looked effeminate. Well, I think that's something that hasn't changed X_x
17.- I like a wide variety of music, including metal, jpop, new age, rock (pop too), trance, chill out, goth, etc, etc...
18.- Be surprised, I don't listen too much to spanish music. And I hate, HATE ballenato, salsa, merengue and mostly, REGGAETON.
19.- I want to lose several kilos/pounds >_>
20.- I want to learn japanese so badly T_T

Well, 20 random facts. That's it. I didn't die X_X

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Mon Oct 3, 2005, 12:41 PM

Hi kids. I just wanted to say that I moved this Saturday to my aunt's place. I don't have Internet there but today I just asked for it. I guess I'll have Internet in one week more or less.
So again, sorry for my absence. I have hundreds of messages but I promise to read them all :)

There is no more stress in my life. I don't see those old women faces anymore... Just seeing/hearing them was like a headache. But no more ^^. And I live in the middle of the city :D . Just among society you now :lol:

On a brighter side note, I'll have a gallery exhibition in my city, Puerto Ordaz. I guess my mom is happier than me, she's doing the posters, she will buy wine and such. I need to be there for the opening, haha! I guess I have to do small diet. And buy new clothes.

I'll have 15 works to exhibit. She'll spend lot of money on prints and frames, but she says it's a great inversion. She says I'll have a little more recognition (and maybe someone will buy a print). Haha

Si eres de Puerto Ordaz y te interesaría asistir, la exhibición se hará en la sala de arte Caroní (pregúntame dónde queda) el 18 de este mes. Daré más detalles en cuanto los tenga :)

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Oh man, oh man!

Mon Sep 19, 2005, 3:14 PM

Haha, there has been like more than a month since I did a journal. This is another selfish journal of mine >_> Which is just about me 9__9.

First of all, I'm really gratefull for all the comments, favourites and watches I've suddenly received! :heart: That's really good and encouraging, but now I have my message centre even more full than before. But I promise, as politicians said, to see every one of them, even if it takes me forever <__< Haha, no kidding. I'll check all deviations, messages, comments and journals I have. Because, didn't you know, I have now broadband xDDDD Weee! :airborne:

And now, I want to introduce my two wonderful sisters who decided to join this great comunity (and one of them is really addicted).
:bulletblue: My beloved and dear Chiqui :icondarkiesoul:,
:bulletblue: and Chuchú :icontenkula: (You know I love you too :P).
They're kinda new but they have great potential. Ustedes saben que son lo mejor!! Y las quiero mucho :glomp: *se pone nostálgica*

Now you can skip this and continue enjoying your happy life =) I just want to release all this stress and anger I have inside

I just arrived to Caracas again, the place where I'm studying, after three weeks of vacation. I think there will be a new face in my life, as I plan to change university, because I'm sick of this one. I've been 5 years into this one, and I see no light beyond the tunnel. I don't have idea when I'll get graduated. And, I'm sick of this stupid residence where I am, so far from downtown... Having no car makes the picture kinda... Nasty. I cannot tolerate anymore the old women who rent me the room. I'm going to live with them 2 years, and no matter how much I try to be gentle with them, they act as retarded as always (they're really retarded, no kidding), trying to get into my life as if they were my mom, dictating and having no consideration. Not even my mom does what they do.

So it's decided, I plan to live a new life. I'll keep studying something related to Computer Science, although I don't want to make a life programming software or behind a database. It's just the title that counts... I just plan to get graduated ASAP to dedicate myself to the dream I had since being a child: Arts. I plan to keep my studies in the Universidad Central de Venezuela. The fact there are semesters and not trimesters is a big relieve. Believe me. Trimesters are so stressing >.< And that university is in the city, not in the hill I'm right now :D

Another thing, is that I need to be more active... Maybe going to a gym or taking vitamins. I think I spent lot of time resting and so on. I need to be productive, harr!! :strong:

Well, that's all about my babbling. I hope you can forgive me for my aparent absence o.o

</i>Thanks again everyone, you're the best!</i> :love:

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0_0 - Whatever

Sat Jul 23, 2005, 7:24 PM

This journal is made because I had to quit the "happy birthday" one xD I want to thank everyone who sent me a "happy birthday" message. I won't never stop saying how wonderful and cool all of you are :heart: :3
OK, as I said I'm at home... but tomorrow night I'll heading Caracas again! Why? Because I have to do summer classes! That means I had only ONE WEEK of vacations!!! >____< Arrgghhh!!!! I hate that university I cannot stop saying that.. I started to play Suikoden I but I had to left it frozen >__<
And my mom doesn't stop listening to Gabriela Ferri and Aphrodite's Child >___<

* calms down *

Ehem, well. What else? I need a better connection. I have good connection at home and some people could see that at least I could answer some comments and see some deviations neh! Something I just avoided while having my usual 56K connection ;____; It's so sh!tty. The huge amount of messages scared me to hell and never wanted to comment.

Ah well, at this right moment I have nothing else to say, just that I need somehow to finish all the pending artwork I have to do!!


Este journal fue escrito para quitar el que se trataba de mi cumpleaños xD Quiero agradecer a todo aquel que me haya deseado un feliz cumpleaños. Nunca dejaré de decir lo maravillosos y chéveres que son todos :heart: :3
OK, como dije estoy en casa... Pero mañana en la noche me iré a Caracas otra vez! ¿Por qué? Porque tengo que hacer verano! Eso significa que sólo tuve UNA SEMANA de vacaciones!!! >____< Arrgggg!!! Odio la universidad y nunca dejaré de decir eso... Empecé a jugar Suikoden I pero tuve que congelar el juego >___< Y mi mamá no deja de oír Gabriela Ferri y los hijos de Afrodita >___<

* se calma *

Ejem, bien. Qué más? Necesito una mejor conexión. Tengo Banda Ancha en casa y algunas personas pudieron ver que al fin pude responder algunos comentarios y ver algunas deviations! Algo que yo evité mientras tenía la usual conexión de 56K ;___; Qué m!erda. La enorme cantidad de mensajes me asustó y nunca quise comentar.

En este momento no tengo nada más que decir, sólo que necesito de alguna manera terminar todos los trabajos pendientes que tengo por hacer!!

What to do! (My actual priorities)

1. Morticia and Gómez for aurezio ~50%
2. Zoisite for kir-tat ~10%
3. Alex-jin for reiq ~0% (Te jodes xDD)
4. Swan Maid for John ~0%

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